Have you been considering installing a new inground pool before summer starts? Spring is the perfect time to pull the trigger and invest in your very own luxurious backyard oasis. Consider these 5 reasons to call us now at (317) 650-5131 and schedule your installation:

1) Now is the Best Time for Poolside Landscaping

When you install your pool in the spring, new grass and other beautiful landscaping plants will still have time to grow in around the installation area. If you wait until the sun is hot in the summer, it may be more difficult to find plants that will tolerate the heat!

2) Save BIG Money on Premium Features

Now through Memorial Day, you’ll receive a FREE upgrade to a full steel step with bench options when purchasing a vinyl liner pool through Mud Slingers Inc. Choose from 3 different options—Valued at approximately $3,000! That’s about 10% of the overall cost for a new vinyl liner pool.

3) Get Ahead of Unpredictable Weather Patterns

Our Indianapolis weather is quite unpredictable. If you wait to install your new inground pool, hot summer temperatures may sneak up on you. The Indianapolis area has been known to see record highs near 90° in the past! Unpredictability also means weather that may interrupt the installation process—it’s a good idea to allow plenty of time for your target pool installation date. Why not get started now?

4) Summer Parties Can’t Wait

Think of all of the parties and summer festivities that are just around the corner. So many events take place in the early summer—Father’s Day, graduation celebrations, backyard barbeques, and the list goes on! Won’t it be wonderful to have your pool in time for your summer celebrations? You’ll be the sure hero among family and friends!

5) Maximum First Year Return on Investment

The longer you wait, the less time you’ll have to spend relaxing in your new pool this summer. But install now, and you’ll enjoy your brand new pool the entire season! That’s more time for spending with family and friends, taking advantage of the health benefits of owning a pool, and admiring the aesthetic beauty of a top quality ingrained pool.
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Don’t forget—Schedule your vinyl liner pool installation before Memorial Day to receive a FREE upgrade to a full steel step with bench options valued at approximately $3,000! Call us now at (317) 650-5131 for your personalized consultation.

Now through Memorial Day:
FREE upgrade to full steel step with bench options.

3 different choices to pick from.

Approximately $3,000 value!