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Ask Us: Is It Okay for my Dog to Swim in the Pool?

Playing and exercising with the family dog is fun for the whole crew. When it’s hot outside and everyone needs to cool off, it’s easy to jump in the pool and continue the fun. But is it safe for a dog to swim in the pool? I get asked this often.
The main reason dog owners are concerned about their four-legged friends swimming in pools is the chlorine. Unlike humans, dogs don’t necessarily know not to consume water. However, just like humans, if a dog were to swallow and digest a small amount it is fine. The main concern is if they drink a large amount of chlorine water. This could cause salt poisoning and is the equivalent to a human drinking a lot of ocean water.
Some dogs are is more sensitive to chlorine and chemicals than other dogs. If you notice any abnormal scratching, then it is best to try to keep your pooch out of the pool.
The best ways to help your pet avoid drinking pool water or getting irritated skin is to provide plenty of fresh drinking water. You can also hose your dog off with clean water after fido gets out of the pool.
Swimming is a wonderful exercise and bonding experience for you and your dog. With some safety precautions, you and your pets can enjoy the dog days of summer.
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Heat Things Up in your Hot Tub during a Romantic Evening

Most people say the one thing they want from their significant others is quality time. So spend this Valentine’s Day at home and enjoy a steamy evening…with the help of your hot tub.
Here are some ways to make a truly memorable and romantic night:

  • Light candles around your hot tub
  • Pour glasses of wine or beverage of your choice
  • Create a romantic playlist featuring romantic love songs
  • Give your significant other a light massage
  • Relax, unwind and enjoy spending much appreciated quality time together

Get creative and have fun because after all it’s the thought that counts!

Ask Us: What Should I Do to my Hot Tub When on Vacation?

Hot tubs offer a simple “getaway” in your backyard. However, when you’re ready to go on a vacation it’s important to make sure your hot tub is taken care of properly. These tips will ensure you hot tub stays in the best shape possible when you return.
First, test the water for proper pH levels to ensure the best plumbing. If your kit shows levels are too low, add chemicals to get your water to reach the correct level.
Next, know your hometown forecast before leaving. If there will be freezing temperatures while you’re gone, don’t turn your hot tub off! Keep your hot tub running with warm water to make sure the pipes don’t freeze. Feel free to turn down the temperature about 10 degrees cooler than normal to save on heating bills. We don’t recommend doing this for everyday use but it’s fine to turn down your hot tub temperature for an extended amount of time.
If your hometown weather shows it will be warm while you’re away, be mindful of algae. Add shock to the water and allow the jets to run for half an hour. Afterwards, unplug the heater, pump and power source. There is no possibility of your pipes freezing during the warmer months so your hot tub does not need to keep running.
Finally, if you’re not in the habit of putting the cover on your hot tub every night, make sure to do it before you leave! The last thing you want is to come home from a beautiful vacation to a hot tub full of dirt and debris.
If it helps put your mind at ease, ask a neighbor or friend check on your hot tub every few days while you are away to ensure safety and proper care. Otherwise, relax and enjoy your well-deserved vacation!
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Pool Expectations During the Four Seasons

It’s impossible to have every season in one week – unless you live in Indiana. We experience unpredictable weather that may be hot and sunny one day, then cold and snowy the next. While unpredictable weather may seem like a challenge, don’t let that stop you from having the pool of your dreams. Pools can be great in any type of weather.
Having a pool in the spring: While we never know exactly when the weather will become nice, you can guarantee as soon as it does, your pool will be waiting for you. Until it does, simply work on keeping your pool and surrounding area clean and in good shape. Outdoor pool and patio spaces serve as natural gathering places for families looking to break spring fever. The spring is also the perfect time to begin construction on your new pool.
Having a pool in summer: This one is a no brainer because having a pool during Indiana summers is the best! The hot temperatures and humidity make a dip in the pool the perfect way to cool off. From barbeques to holidays, pools are a great focal point of every party and keeps the kids entertained.
Having a pool in fall: There are some unexpectedly hot days often lingering during the autumn months. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy the last tastes of the warm weather.
Having a pool in winter: As we get to the traditionally colder months, winterizing your pool and preparing it to withstand snow are very important. If you still want to swim in the winter months, there is good news as hot tubs can be used in any type of weather!
Whatever the weather, pools make for a great time year-round — even in Indiana.