Mud Slingers Pool & Patio
Mud Slingers Pool & Patio


Gunite/Concrete, Vinyl liner or Fiberglass Comparison Sheet

Features Gunite/Concrete Vinyl Liners Fiberglass
Guarantee 50 Years on Shell
4-8 Years on Interior Finish
Lifetime Transferrable on Steel
5 Year Full & 25 Year Pro Rated on Vinyl Liners
20 Years on Surface
Lifetime on Shell
Pool Shapes and Sizes 100% Customizable, Endless Possibilities Custom Shaped Steel and Liners Limited on Sizes and Shapes
Maintenance Hours Per Week 1 Hour with Diamond Brite Finish 45 Minutes with Bigger Pool 30 Minutes
Bank Acceptance Excellent Excellent Excellent
Surface Medium Feel with Diamond Brite NOT Slippery Smooth – No Slip Texture Bottom
Available at No Cost
Smooth on feet
But slippery gel-coat Finish
Time to Install 4 to 8 Weeks 3 to 6 Weeks 7 to 10 Days
Re-Painting Never with Diamond Brite Finish Never Never
Quality Control Materials by Manufacturer
Install by Builder
Materials by Manufacturer
Install by Builder
Materials by Manufacturer
Install by Builder
Type of Coping Cantilever Concrete, Brick, Limestone or Any Custom Stone Powder Coated Aluminum or Cantilever Concrete Concrete
Steps, Seating, Benches, Sun Decks 100% Customizable, Endless Possibilities Standard Thermoplastic Polymer, Colored Thermoplastic Polymer or Any Custom Steel Shape Built In Pre-fabricated
Limited on Choices
Draining of Pool Only for Re-plaster Only for Liner Replacement Never Drain the pool 100% down
Could cause cracks or pop out of ground
Objectionable Features Initial cost is more Ground water could cause liner wrinkles or other issues Limited on sizes. Construction not conducive to Indiana Climate. Freeze, Thaw, Cracking & Bowing Common
Surface Replacement 20-30 Years with New Diamond Brite
Cost between $5,000.00 to $10,000.00
New Liners 15-20 Years
Cost between $3,000.00 to $4,000.00
Re Gel-coat shell finish 5-10 Years
Varies Depending Amount and Ware
Heat Retention Excellent Good Good
Algae Adheres Uncommon with New Diamond Brite Finish Uncommon Uncommon
Staining Uncommon with New Diamond Brite Finish Uncommon due to the New Seamless Technology Minimal