Mud Slingers Pool & Patio
Mud Slingers Pool & Patio


One of the most common questions we are asked is what is the ideal type of pool for Indiana? There are three types of pools that make up the majority of pools installed in Indiana – Steel Wall Vinyl Liner, Gunite, and Fiberglass.

Steel wall with vinyl liner pools are the most commonly installed pools in Indiana as they are an ideal product for Indiana ground conditions and are more affordable than gunite (concrete) or fiberglass pools. With the increase in salt water pools and enhanced equipment from Hayward, a vinyl liner pool is virtually maintenance free.

Gunite pools are great for Indiana ground conditions and are 100% customizable, so you can literally build the pool of your dreams. The investment is going to be more than that of a vinyl liner pool, but if you plan to be in your home for many years and desire a completely flexible design they are well worth it. Gunite pools are beautiful and are relatively low maintenance with the right equipment.

Fiberglass pools were originally intended to be installed in dry and sandy locations such as Florida and Arizona and places where the ground does not freeze like Indiana. You want to pay special attention to the manufactured thickness of the shell as common problems such as cracking, walls bowing or pool popping out of ground are not uncommon in Indiana. If you are absolutely determined to purchase a fiberglass pool, we recommend Thursdays Pools in Fortville IN as they manufacture the thickest, highest grade shell on the market. They are manufactured in Indiana so shipping issues are minimized. Knowing the local landscape is why they build such a high grade shell and they use a special installation process so we only feel comfortable recommending Thursdays Pool Shells as a substitute for Gunite or Vinyl.

Salt Water vs. Chlorine Pool

Salt water and chlorine pools are both chlorine pools; the difference lies in the process of how you get the chlorine. With a salt water pool, you essentially make your own chlorine by breaking down the salt in the water. You also benefit from saving money by not having to buy tablets and shock, getting the good feel and smell of lower chlorine amounts (1/10th the amount of salt in the ocean!). You cannot taste or smell it, and it’s like having a water softener in your house!

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