The Mud Slingers team would like to extend our appreciation to our valued customers for your patience and understanding. We strive to always provide the best experience and product for our customers. Like many others, we have faced trying times with COVID-19, materials shortage, labor shortage and supply chain issues.

We would like to clarify that, just like other pool companies or construction trades, we do NOT personally make, manufacture or assemble pool parts, equipment or materials. We are installers of manufacturers’ products and therefore warranties are from the manufacturer.

It is rare, but when issues arise, we must follow protocols set in place by the manufacturer to maintain the integrity of any warranty. While we want to ensure you are able to keep any warranty valid, our manufacturers are also experiencing supply chain issues, travel restrictions, elevated service call charges,  fuel surcharges and other challenges – increasing the time it takes to receive parts to fix any issues. We thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this time.