You have probably not thought to ask your pool builder what type of plumbing pipe is the best for a pool. Why would you? Most people assume that because a pool is a big investment the pool builder will always use the best materials for the system. Unfortunately this is not the case and the pipe that is used to build your pool can determine the life of the equipment, the wear and tear on the system, and even how many costly repairs you will have to make.
The two most common types of pipe are rigid pipe (hard pipe) or flex pipe (commonly known in the industry as “termite pipe.”
Flex pipe was nicknamed “termite pipe” because it is not uncommon for termites to eat holes through it and cause air to get in the lines which can damage the pump and cause leaking. It becomes costly to replace because you generally have to tear out concrete to access it and then re-pour the deck. The cosmetic implications are a whole other issue.
The best plumbing pipe for your pool system is rigid pipe or hard pipe which comes in schedule 40 or 80. Both are very strong and durable with schedule 80 used primarily for commercial applications. At Mudslingers Pool & Patio, we only use rigid pipe for our customers’ pools. Once you ask your pool company what kind of plumbing pipe they use, it is also wise to ask what size of pipe will be used. Two inch pipe will create better water flow and increase your turnover rate which means the pool circulates faster and cleans faster. The increased flow also reduces the resistance to the pump motor which extends the life of the motor and uses less energy to run (saving you a lot of money to operate over the life of the pool).
A pool is a relatively simple system and if installed and maintained correctly can provide countless years of worry-free use, but it is important when hiring a pool company to ask some specific questions about the materials that will be used to build your family’s pool.