Mud Slingers Pool & Patio
Mud Slingers Pool & Patio


Five Reasons to Get a Pool in 2019
As the weather gets cooler and the year winds down, you may be thinking about your wants for 2019. Is a swimming pool on that list? We hope so!
Now is the perfect time to think about and take action on purchasing a pool that will be ready by summer. Here are five reasons to make your pool purchase:
  • Build family memories: Whether it’s a pool party of a lazy afternoon in the sun, a pool is the perfect place to gather around.
  • Great form of exercise: You can skip the gym and use your pool as a low-impact form of exercise.
  • It’s your vacation spot: When you’ve had a long day at work, your pool will be the place you’ll want to unwind.
  • Make a good impression: When selling your home, potential buyers could be truly impressed by your pool amenity and which could help close the deal.
  • It’s great for your kids: Teens will want to hang out with their friends (which means they’ll be closer to home) and kids will play until they tire out.
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Must Read: Pool Etiquette And Rules

You’ve saved and sacrificed for it and now you have just had your very own pool installed. Congratulations! In more ways than one, owning a pool is like winning the lottery.  Upside: You have a beautiful oasis in your backyard to you can go enjoy.  Downside: Relatives, neighbors, “friends” from high school and distant cousins are coming out of the woodwork to swim in your pool.
So where do you start when it comes to rules?
Talk to your family about how you intend to use your pool.  Make sure everyone is on the same page as to whether the pool is open to everyone that asks or if it’s for family and close friends only. It might be best to keep your pool circle small to begin with and expand as you feel comfortable.
Also, work together as a family to determine and understand what the specific rules of the pool are so as others start to use the pool, everyone can explain them as new people begin to visit. Guests must mind their manners and respect the rules.
Safety is a major concern when owning a pool. Be sure you are well informed about the liability that you assume as the homeowner. It is important that you are fully aware and you should not hesitate or feel bad about telling people to stop acting recklessly if you are ultimately responsible, which includes asking/telling people to leave the pool area.
While having this new pool is a dream come true, ultimately there may be times you will have to law down the law (aka your rules). It is important to prepare yourself with these conversations with a focus on safety first!
Happy swimming!!!

New Custom LED Pool Light Options

Pull out your color wheel and channel your inner artist while you create a custom lighting scheme for your pool. That’s right. Now you can blend different LED pool lights. Add a fresh and fun look to your new or existing pool that shows your style. Be one of the first families to transform their pool into a unique and colorful oasis.
Here’s an example…
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