Mud Slingers Hot TubAsk Kim: What temperature should my hot tub be?
Maintaining a consistent temperature is an important component in staying safe while using a hot tub. Many rookie and experienced hot tub owners wonder exactly what temperature their hot tub should be at. While the water may feel good, it might not be safe for you.
Despite the limits (or lack thereof) on your temperature settings, 104°F is the maximum temperature you should set your hot tub. Anything higher than 104°F is considered unsafe and can lead to overheating or heat exhaustion.
Typically, hot tub temperatures range from 100 – 102°F, which feels warm while being safe for your body to be in and safely adjust. Anything under 100°F is still safe for you but may not feel as enjoyable. However, new owners should start their hot tub temperatures off at around 98°F and slowly increase after that in order to adjust your new equipment.
Consistent temperature maintenance is important not only for you but also for your budget. Like your air conditioner, you may want to turn down your hot tub temperature when you’re not using it to save money. This is actually the opposite of what you want to do! In the long run, you are creating more work and using more energy for your hot tub to heat back up each time you want to use it. Maintaining a consistent temperature is key.
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