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New Year’s Resolutions for Pool Owners

New Years Resolutions for Pool OwnersThe first few months of the year are great for setting personal and professional goals. If you’re a pool owner, you can add some care goals to the list as well. Maybe you promise to take better care of your pool this year, or maybe you’ll decide to hire help. 

Here are some examples of pool care-related goals to add to your New Year’s resolutions list:

  • Enjoy your pool more – dedicate one day a week (if not more) to pool relaxation
  • Host a pool party – or two!
  • Hire a team of professionals to care for your pool on a weekly basis
  • Make an appointment at a pool installation facility to learn more about caring for your pool
  • Read books on pool maintenance 
  • Add/change up the landscaping or patio furniture around your pool

There are plenty of goals to choose from. If you’re in need of more pool care education, give Mud Slingers Pool & Patio a call at (317) 650-5131.

Five Reasons to Get a Pool in 2019
As the weather gets cooler and the year winds down, you may be thinking about your wants for 2019. Is a swimming pool on that list? We hope so!
Now is the perfect time to think about and take action on purchasing a pool that will be ready by summer. Here are five reasons to make your pool purchase:
  • Build family memories: Whether it’s a pool party of a lazy afternoon in the sun, a pool is the perfect place to gather around.
  • Great form of exercise: You can skip the gym and use your pool as a low-impact form of exercise.
  • It’s your vacation spot: When you’ve had a long day at work, your pool will be the place you’ll want to unwind.
  • Make a good impression: When selling your home, potential buyers could be truly impressed by your pool amenity and which could help close the deal.
  • It’s great for your kids: Teens will want to hang out with their friends (which means they’ll be closer to home) and kids will play until they tire out.
Need a little more convincing? Call us at 317-650-5131.