OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMany people often overlook cleaning their hot tub cover but it’s an important part of the maintenance routine. Without proper maintenance, your cover may begin to crack, fade, become heavier and even begin to stink. Be prepared to clean your cover every two weeks, by wiping it down and taking an extra few moments to inspect for any damages.
Use a standard garden hose to loosen up debris and dirt on the cover. The hot tub cover features a special top coat of vinyl that can become cracked or faded when exposed to harsh chemicals or weather elements. Select a product designed to clean hot tub covers such as Cover Care by Natural Chemistry. Avoid using cleaners with oil, bleach, silicone, detergent or alcohol, which will destroy the top coat. The use of an oil-based product will actually attract the sun’s rays faster causing the cover to deteriorate faster. Additionally, try to limit the cover’s exposure to sunlight or winter elements by concealing it with a plastic tarp.
It’s also important to maintain the proper chemical levels to keep the integrity of the cover and protect your investment. If the water is unbalanced the acidic elements may cause the cover to come apart at the seams, bulge and even become discolored.
The cover includes foam pieces, which can become bogged down in water making it extremely heavy. To help keep your cover light, unzip the edges for a few hours to let the cover dry out.
Following all of these steps will help keep the musty odor away.
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