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The Pool Cover that Does More than Keep Debris Out

If you’ve been a pool owner for any amount of time, you’ve been told to use a pool cover. Traditional pool covers help keep dirt, leaves and other unwanted items out of your pool.
There is also another type of pool cover that has gained popularity – a solar pool cover. Not only does it keep debris out of your pool, it also heats your pool without fancy cords or machines. Solar pool covers capture the energy of the sun to keep your water warm.
In addition, solar pool covers also help keep more water in your pool by limiting the amount of evaporation that occurs.
 This type of pool cover is recommended for those who live in a sunny area and want to save money.

How to Keep Bees Away from Your Pool

A pool party can come to an end fast if bees show up uninvited. It turns out, most bees are attracted to pools because they want to quench their thirst. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to make sure they don’t crash the party.
Bring out the plants. While bees normally love plants, they aren’t friends with all of them – including mint and lemongrass. Feel free to plant these near your pool to act as a natural repellant.
Use dryer sheets. As mentioned before, certain smells can be a real turn off for bees. We use dryer sheets to give our clothes a fresh smell, but bees hate them. Place the dryer sheets in cups around the pool to keep bees away. Be sure to change them once they lose their scent.

Ask Us: How Do Solar Heaters Work?

If your goal is to reduce your pool operation costs and be kinder to the planet, you might want to consider installing solar panels to help heat your pool.
Solar pool heaters allow water to be pumped through a filter and then through a solar collector, where it is heated. The heated water is then pushed back into the pool. The $3,000 to $4,000 investment can be great for those who are able to install solar panels in an unshaded area to collect direct solar energy.
As an added bonus, the solar collectors can also help cool the pool during the summer months.

Top 5 Reasons to Install Your Brand New Pool Before Summer

Have you been considering installing a new inground pool before summer starts? Spring is the perfect time to pull the trigger and invest in your very own luxurious backyard oasis. Consider these 5 reasons to call us now at (317) 650-5131 and schedule your installation:

1) Now is the Best Time for Poolside Landscaping

When you install your pool in the spring, new grass and other beautiful landscaping plants will still have time to grow in around the installation area. If you wait until the sun is hot in the summer, it may be more difficult to find plants that will tolerate the heat!

2) Save BIG Money on Premium Features

Now through Memorial Day, you’ll receive a FREE upgrade to a full steel step with bench options when purchasing a vinyl liner pool through Mud Slingers Inc. Choose from 3 different options—Valued at approximately $3,000! That’s about 10% of the overall cost for a new vinyl liner pool.

3) Get Ahead of Unpredictable Weather Patterns

Our Indianapolis weather is quite unpredictable. If you wait to install your new inground pool, hot summer temperatures may sneak up on you. The Indianapolis area has been known to see record highs near 90° in the past! Unpredictability also means weather that may interrupt the installation process—it’s a good idea to allow plenty of time for your target pool installation date. Why not get started now?

4) Summer Parties Can’t Wait

Think of all of the parties and summer festivities that are just around the corner. So many events take place in the early summer—Father’s Day, graduation celebrations, backyard barbeques, and the list goes on! Won’t it be wonderful to have your pool in time for your summer celebrations? You’ll be the sure hero among family and friends!

5) Maximum First Year Return on Investment

The longer you wait, the less time you’ll have to spend relaxing in your new pool this summer. But install now, and you’ll enjoy your brand new pool the entire season! That’s more time for spending with family and friends, taking advantage of the health benefits of owning a pool, and admiring the aesthetic beauty of a top quality ingrained pool.
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Don’t forget—Schedule your vinyl liner pool installation before Memorial Day to receive a FREE upgrade to a full steel step with bench options valued at approximately $3,000! Call us now at (317) 650-5131 for your personalized consultation.

Now through Memorial Day:
FREE upgrade to full steel step with bench options.

3 different choices to pick from.

Approximately $3,000 value!

Think Spring – Get a Head Start on Your Pool Services!

Do these freezing temperatures have you dreaming of warmer days? Although Mother Nature isn’t currently giving us sunshine and green grass, now is the time to be thinking about barbeques, birthday parties, and family time by the pool.
Whether you are ready to break ground and install a new pool, or simply need to schedule a repair before that first summer scorcher, slots are filling up quickly. Here are a few reasons you should schedule your swimming pool construction, repair, or routine maintenance with Mudslingers Pool & Patio today:

Build Your Dream Swimming Pool

With over 65 years of pool experience under our belts, it’s safe to say we know how to create the pool you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you need a concrete, Gunite, or a vinyl swimming pool, we have the tools, supplies, and experience necessary to bring your vision to life.
With our concrete and Gunite custom-built swimming pools, we make it easy to create the backyard you’ve always wanted this spring. Whether you want a family-friendly pool, or a romantic oasis, our expert builders and experienced designers can make your dreams a reality. View some of our past projects here.

Swimming Pool Payment Plans Available

It’s no secret that swimming pools can cost a pretty penny, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating the home you’ve always wanted for your family. We offer convenient payment plans to help you afford the pool you want. Check out some of the payment options we offer here.

Spring Slots Are Filling Up Quickly

Although summer may feel far away, builds are already being scheduled for this spring. Take the first step towards your perfect pool and fill out the information below, before available time slots and inventory run low, and we’ll get in touch right away. Or, call us at (317) 550-2552 to talk to a representative!
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Concrete, Vinyl, or Fiberglass – What Type of Pool Should You Buy?

Deciding you want to build a pool for your family is the easy part. The hard part is figuring out which type of pool is best for your needs and budget —  that’s where we come in. Let’s walk through a few of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of pool together, so you feel comfortable and confident when making your decision.
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Gunite Concrete Pools

A concrete pool, also known as Gunite or Shotcrete, is very different from it’s vinyl and fiberglass brothers. Although it does have a longer installation period of 4 to 8 weeks, many customers find it is worth the wait because of the endless design possibilities, infinite life expectancy, and 50-year warranty.
Because a concrete pool is superior to other offerings and 100% customizable, more skills and materials are required for a successful installation. Many companies are just beginning to offer concrete pools, while we have been doing it for the last 65 years.
Buyers beware: Builders need many years of experience and training to master installation. Don’t be afraid to ask a potential builder if they have ever built a concrete pool, how many they have completed, and if you can see any past projects and references. A quality builder should have no problem with these requests.

Vinyl Pools

Although customization options are limited, vinyl pools will last a lifetime and are a great choice for Hoosiers and our ever-changing weather conditions. With its low-maintenance and affordable reputation, lifetime warranty for the steel and 20 year warranty for the liner, and installation period of 3 to 6 weeks, vinyl pools are one of the most popular options available.

Fiberglass Pools

An uncommon sight in Indiana, fiberglass pools have the quickest installation period of 7 to 10 days, and require the least amount of maintenance. However, we do not recommend Indiana residents install fiberglass pools because of our climate. Seasonal freezing and thawing can causing cracking and bowing that can ruin your pool.

Choose a Contractor You Can Trust

We want you to make the best decision not only on the pool you choose, but on the contactor you choose as well. Contact Mud Slingers today — we’re happy to provide references, discuss your options with you further, and walk you through each step of the pool installation process.

Holiday Sale! $1,000 Off Your Pool Installation

Whether you want to give your family a surprise for Christmas, or have been planning a pool installation for years, now is the time to schedule your build. For a limited time, Mud Slingers is offering you special savings on the pool of your dreams.

Schedule an Installation Before the New Year!

Thinking about installing a traditional vinyl pool, or want a Gunite concrete pool designed just for you and your family? Mud Slingers is offering big incentives to those who book their 2016 pool installations this month. If you have a signed contract and deposit in our hands by December 31, 2015, we will offer you up to $1,000 off all equipment packages and up to $500 off an automatic pool cover! Savings will be based off of our 2016 prices.
The clock is ticking, so contact Mud Slingers today! Call us at (317) 550-2552 or fill out the form below to get the installation of your dream pool in the books and the extra savings in your pocket.
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