Playing and exercising with the family dog is fun for the whole crew. When it’s hot outside and everyone needs to cool off, it’s easy to jump in the pool and continue the fun. But is it safe for a dog to swim in the pool? I get asked this often.
The main reason dog owners are concerned about their four-legged friends swimming in pools is the chlorine. Unlike humans, dogs don’t necessarily know not to consume water. However, just like humans, if a dog were to swallow and digest a small amount it is fine. The main concern is if they drink a large amount of chlorine water. This could cause salt poisoning and is the equivalent to a human drinking a lot of ocean water.
Some dogs are is more sensitive to chlorine and chemicals than other dogs. If you notice any abnormal scratching, then it is best to try to keep your pooch out of the pool.
The best ways to help your pet avoid drinking pool water or getting irritated skin is to provide plenty of fresh drinking water. You can also hose your dog off with clean water after fido gets out of the pool.
Swimming is a wonderful exercise and bonding experience for you and your dog. With some safety precautions, you and your pets can enjoy the dog days of summer.
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